The New Badass In Town

The New Badass In Town

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Avalon Green// The new girl in school. People mistake her striking hazel eyes, long brown hair, button nose, and cute little dimples as a sign on innocence. She's the complete opposite. She drinks underage, parties all night long, and just doesn't care about anything. She's a badass, owning the schools and corrupting the hallways. She's been to 8 different schools, and is forced to live with her father and his new family from now on, because she's been kicked out of the 8 schools she's been too, not including 3 boarding schools. Oakley High hasn't seen the definition of bad. 

Grayson Henderson// The 'badass' of Oakley High. He flies solo, and corrupts the hallways, always ending up in places he shouldn't. He's supposedly coldhearted, and doesn't give a flying horse about anything. People take his silky black hair, and piercing green eyes as a warning not to cross him. Or you will most definitely regret it. 

What Happens When These Two Cross Paths?

Some thing I can only do in my daydreaming state in Math...
I have pyromania and the classroom didn't fit my style. I was kind of hoping the teacher would be in there.
Damn how strong is she! Whenever I hit a punching bag it barely moves!
If I did that and my mom found out, I would not live to see the next second of my life
Sorry I have to
                              FIREEEEEE!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
dayumn is she some kind of arsonist? bc she really likes to set things on fire😂😂😂😭