The New Badass In Town

The New Badass In Town

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captainpancakesss By captainpancakesss Updated Jul 31, 2017

Avalon Green// The new girl in school. People mistake her striking hazel eyes, long brown hair, button nose, and cute little dimples as a sign on innocence. She's the complete opposite. She drinks underage, parties all night long, and just doesn't care about anything. She's a badass, owning the schools and corrupting the hallways. She's been to 8 different schools, and is forced to live with her father and his new family from now on, because she's been kicked out of the 8 schools she's been too, not including 3 boarding schools. Oakley High hasn't seen the definition of bad. 

Grayson Henderson// The 'badass' of Oakley High. He flies solo, and corrupts the hallways, always ending up in places he shouldn't. He's supposedly coldhearted, and doesn't give a flying horse about anything. People take his silky black hair, and piercing green eyes as a warning not to cross him. Or you will most definitely regret it. 

What Happens When These Two Cross Paths?

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When I hit a punching bag it comes back and knocks me off my feet
probable is why she is the way that she is .... fathers don't understand when they hurt their children's but i have my father so yeah😭😭
Did any one else read Dolan??? I know im sad. Leave me alone lol
kia_drew kia_drew Jan 22
Mine is Kia ayelavie Elizabeth drew von teichmeister... ik it is extremely long
Lovinglife290 Lovinglife290 Dec 31, 2017
Slay honey. I love her already. SHE'S ME!!! *wipes away fake tears* I'm so proud.😏😏😏
@infinite-darkness same lol, then I said it out loud and died. It was so unrealistic sounding it was sickening lmao.