His Graveyard Baby, Her Horror King [Ricky Olson / Ricky Horror BDSM ]

His Graveyard Baby, Her Horror King [Ricky Olson / Ricky Horror BDSM ]

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Contains BDSM elements. 

What do you call a man that is sexy and seductive? Dark and mysterious? Strict and hateful, but caring? Richard Olson, your master. 

I loved all things horror related, I figured it was a no brainier to work at Horror Inc., a tall, sleek, dark grey building that was located two blocks away from my apartment. 

Little did I know, the moment I walked into that gorgeous building, my life would change. Was it for the better? For worse? To tell you the truth, I'm still not sure. He insists it's for the better. All I know, was it was dark. 

The beautiful man I call my boss, would become much..much more...and so would his best friend.

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SmuttyPariah SmuttyPariah Jul 09, 2017
I do love me some Ricky Horror!  Interesting that he runs some sort of horror business or creature effects shop.  I love old skool special effects, so that especially intrigues me!  ;3  I also dig that your grammar is on point.  :D
Brii_ko_vulom Brii_ko_vulom Aug 04, 2017
Reminds me of 50 shades of grey 😂 the first paragraph or two is the horror version of 50s shades. That's not a bad thing though!
me: *gasps* she did it again! 
                              my brain: HONEY! THIS IS WHY YOU WILL NEVER GET A GOOD JOB WHEN YOU GROW UP!!!
well duh girlie were else *giggles maniacily* (yee i cant spell...)
HazeleyedCourtney HazeleyedCourtney Aug 24, 2016
I have mixed feelings for this and I don't know how to feel about this