Shadow (Michael Jackson)

Shadow (Michael Jackson)

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Molly R. B. By fanofmj Updated Jan 07

"He's always around, but he has no identity, almost like a shadow."


Kylan Rhodes is the daughter of the late Jeremiah Rhodes, head of the Diamond Bullet gang. He'd been killed in a face off with the leader of the rivaling gang, the Blue Wolves. Kylan's father never pushed her into the gang business, since it's a dangerous place to be in. However, the Blue Wolves know the large amount money that Jeremiah Rhodes possessed, a now that it's in Kylan's hands, they're as bloodthirsty as ever.

While she learns more about the gang business from the locals and her father's friends, she comes across the mysterious Michael Jackson, a man who plays no role in any gang yet protects both sides from harm under the disguise of Darryl Scruse. He's the peacekeeper, most say, but no one knows much more about him. Kylan, however, won't let that be the case any longer, and she seeks out Michael to discover who he really is.

As Kylan studies Michael, he secretly protects her, knowing what the Blue Wolves desire. Michael might just get himself involved in the gang business as the threat of the Blue Wolves gets larger and a growing love for Kylan begins. But, as everyone knows, the gang business is dangerous.

And this shadow may just have to come into the light.

SgtMorgan SgtMorgan Aug 11, 2016
Girl you keep curving me with all these books you gotta update kiss now too
LadyDJFAMily LadyDJFAMily Nov 16, 2016
Yes...Shadow and the Trailer and the book cover gives me life
I love it how she plays the character tho. Its like perfect for her 😊
cloclo_14 cloclo_14 Dec 25, 2016
Best video trailer I've EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! It makes it like Michael is in the modern times I love it😍😍👌🏾👌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😝😝😝😝
rainbow_mama37 rainbow_mama37 Sep 01, 2016
Awww shii... Idc I will still consider her as Ariana cuz she's mah queeeeeen ❤️
StrangerInMoscow37 StrangerInMoscow37 Nov 29, 2016
I finally finished reading "Oath" so now I can finally read this after watching the trailer on vine