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Lazarus Project: Mass Effect 2

Lazarus Project: Mass Effect 2

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Julianne Winters By RavenCall70 Completed

~~ MASS EFFECT: BOOK 3 of 3~~
  After the Normandy goes down in an attack by an unknown enemy, the crew struggles to accept the loss of their friend and comrade, Commander Callie Shepard.
  With Shepard gone, the crew is grounded. The unlikely friends aboard the Normandy part ways then, each seeking to find their place and purpose in the Galaxy.
  But unseen events are unfolding in the dark reaches of space. Events that will force them back together to make the ultimate sacrifice. Save the galaxy from extinction or die trying.
  Excerpt from Lazarus Project:
  ["Have you been drinking?" Callie asked Joker, taking note of the red that rimmed his eyes. "You don't look so good."
  "No, I'm not drunk... I mean, just because I had a couple with Kasumi doesn't mean... Okay fine. Yes, I'm drunk. Happy now?" 
  "What's going on Jeff? What's wrong?"
  "See, now you're just making this harder. Being nice to me and... everything."]
  War Hero/Earthborn/Adept
  ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- 
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