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too good » f.minkus

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grantguhst By grantguhst Updated Jan 29

farkle minkus had a perfect life. his family was wealthy, he had great friends, and a girlfriend that seemed to be made for him.

so when he approached misha, wanting friendship and advice, she already knew he was too good for her.

-lowercase intended-

Everest_Creed Everest_Creed Dec 27, 2016
Oh lord, another person who dislikes Riley. Welcome to the club misha
darkteens darkteens Aug 20, 2016
isabela is the love of my life. jace and her are just cute honestly pure goals
RachieIsHere RachieIsHere Nov 03, 2016
That's so ironic cuz I get called a fish because I look like one
astra0 astra0 Jul 29, 2016
i love it! this is actually well-written, which is, no offense, extremely hard to find in this fandom. please keep it up!
i'm glad this fic doesn't have the oc in the core friend group
penjade penjade 7 days ago
The first time I watched it my friend laughed but I couldn't tell why because I had yelled that very line over him...