Wondering Dragon Souls

Wondering Dragon Souls

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Phoenix & Dragon By FairyLucyNamiPiece Updated Apr 20

Centuries ago there were dragons far stronger than the dragons we know now. The dragons did not only use the element of fire but others too. Among those dragons were the top 11. 

Dragons taught humans a power called Dragon Slaying. They were meant to look after the other humans because there were dragons who didn't like humans. However some of those who were taught this power used it to kill their teachers. Soon a war between humans, dragons and other dragons began. 

Among the top 11, 7 stayed good as the war between humans, dragons and other dragons raged on. Those 7 were known as the 7 Blooming Dragons. They all taught their power to humans and protected them. And that's it. No one knows anything else. All we know is those dragons' souls are still wondering, waiting for someone who is deemed worthy of their power.

Cover Made By - @Kuno_HikaYashi

luvtofu luvtofu Aug 25
                              ARE YOU SECRETLY A POET OR SOMTHING????
You know the way you are describing Lucy right now is like me I smile even if it's not real and even if they don't care or remember me I will always be there
CrazyShippings CrazyShippings Jul 29, 2016
Well then PLEASE DO CHAPTER 2 (down on knees) puppy dog eyes Please