Us Maids {completed}

Us Maids {completed}

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MiraJane Stratuss By Chica1246 Completed

Lucy Heartfilia, and Juvia Lockser are high priced maids for 2000,0000 jewel.

Natsu Dragneel, and Gray Fullbuster are the richest businessmen in the world.

The two men buy the girls for there personal maids, but what happens when they fall in love?!?!

Read and find out!!!


BananaBunny999 BananaBunny999 Dec 27, 2016
I'm laughing super hard at the words "spicy chicken." I don't even know why. I mean... I like spicy chicken? But something about it is really funny. Maybe because it's chicken. And spicy. But not too spicy. Just lightly spiced is good. Otherwise it's not funny anymore.
BananaBunny999 BananaBunny999 Dec 27, 2016
Spicaaay spicaaay chiiiicccckkkeeeeeennnnnnn
                              (idk what's wrong with me today)
BananaBunny999 BananaBunny999 Dec 27, 2016
He might have pica, which is this condition where you eat non food items (ice, paper, soil, etc) because of nutritional deficiency.
                              (Sorry to kill the mood 😅 just wanted to throw that out there)
Osu-mira Osu-mira Jan 03
Tbh ice is actually good, like when your hungry just eat ice it furfills your hunger and thirst 😊
BananaBunny999 BananaBunny999 Dec 27, 2016
No I will not give you ice make it yourself from your pee or something it's not that hard considering you have like magic freezo hands or something.