I Need You (Dramione)

I Need You (Dramione)

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hufflepuffian_24 By hufflepuffian_24 Updated Oct 16, 2016

Draco Malfoy is a Pureblooded Veela.

Hermione Granger is a Muggleborn, and a certain Veela's mate. 

How will they over come the hate they developed for each other over the past 7 years?

PearlDraco PearlDraco Jul 20
Well my stylish muggle friends will be happy to hear you think so
She felt it too?
                              And i agree it is cute when Hinny talks as one. ❤❤❤
.........pull? I thought it'd be a buzz or something. A pull seems kind of weird.
shoshie456 shoshie456 Feb 06
everything is great! but maybe their should be a different reason why draco was screaming the whole veela thing is mostly for girls only also it is just really weird but amazing first story I will love reading more! 
TFerron1 TFerron1 Jan 27
I Love the pull/tug scenario. They are meant to be together it's "FATE". SIRIUSLY.
TFerron1 TFerron1 Jan 27
So Far, So Good. Keep Up The Good Work. On to the next chapter. LOL