Falling For The Prince

Falling For The Prince

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Shanza Rahman By YourSassyQueen Updated Oct 11

Remember those days when you lay down with your head placed in your granny's lap and she used to tell the tales of magnificent castles owned by  striking princes?

The days when the young and beautiful maiden used to fall in love with prince?

Turn out those tales are real.


Stella, a beautiful enchanted girl living in the middle of perilious woods, gets a chance to witness the charms of striking and handsome prince of the Kingdom Nymeria.

It took them a mere second to fall in love with each other.

But soon when Stella reached his castle after being sold in a slave market, he acted like he never knew her. Like he never touched or never confessed his feelings to her.

He was not interested in her but in the heart shaped sapphire locket she wore.

Does their encounter in woods was on purpose?

Does he like her or was just using her to get something?

Will he ever get that she was falling for him?

That she was falling for the prince?


Love2Read16 Love2Read16 Aug 03
Loved it so far! The prince seems like the kind who has to be fake a** in front of his people but is a sweetheart in real.
This is critical analysis on love . It's excellent ,painful and honest