Vampire Love (Marshall Lee x Reader)

Vampire Love (Marshall Lee x Reader)

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Sara By Sara31iulie Updated Aug 21, 2016

•She was alone, chased off by her own kind; and they wanted her dead.•

   (Y/n) (L/n) was a vampire royalty. When Fionna the Human and her cat entered the nightosphere, she gladly took them in, giving them a place to stay. 

The vampires felt attacked by her being so kind and polite to a mere human, so one day they all turned against (y/n), planning on killing her right in her castle. 

Hearing it from talks on the street, she was prepared to run away, and so she did. (Y/n) didn't look back when she ran away from a place filled with hatred and jealousy. 

She floated away for days until she walked into a never-ending seeming forest. Soon she was in front of a huge castle.

"Your Majesty!" a familiar voice called.

(in work, going to finish this soon)

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that1twistedauthor that1twistedauthor May 17, 2018
I will not be held responsible for any injuries that take place during the time of you tickling me.
VanillaEevee VanillaEevee Apr 11, 2018
KawaiiPanda0813 KawaiiPanda0813 Apr 13, 2018
*calls Cake mom police* Me:HAALLP MARSHALL'S RAPING MEH!!*cake busts through a wall and beats Marshal's A$$*
Wendy15580 Wendy15580 Feb 25, 2017
now im confused... so if Marshall is the king of the Nightosphere and Y/N is the queen, are they siblings or something. 🤔 someone help me elaborate on that 😂.
Ria_10_24 Ria_10_24 Jul 23, 2018
Undertale voice :* You are fell with confiuse * 
                              Me: YES I AM
Ria_10_24 Ria_10_24 Jul 23, 2018
Me: ( aka I am an withe werewolf ) I told you that this was a BAD idea ti read it
                              BFF: Well sorry if i want to try vampiers books