Assassin As A Student

Assassin As A Student

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Valina By av3vr28 Updated 3 days ago

Nagisa Shiota an orphan, who was unloved, and moved from many countries beyond Japan.

Abused, humiliated, bullied, and sexually harassed, he was found abandon in the streets of Italy and trained to kill at the age he started to walk, talk, and think, now he joins his age group in Japan to kill a super inhuman octopus- er, monster. 

The picture is not mine.
The anime(s) is not mine.
It will have an anime crossover so sorry if you don't want.

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arandompie arandompie Jul 03, 2017
If I was him I would take something to help him remember his first kill, even if it's a finger
loveslauraloves loveslauraloves Dec 11, 2017
I rechecked the chapters just to make sure it didn't skip to the ending. 😅
ChimeraRyuu ChimeraRyuu Dec 19, 2017
Well, the crossover thing looked interesting so I'll ignore the mistakes...
And here I was, jumping to the conclusion that it was Tsuna... Nonetheless, I'm good with Nagisa-chan.
ForgetfulPiscean ForgetfulPiscean Mar 12, 2017
O-O he will b-beat a.... monster..... that-that-that can m-m-m-move 2-2-20 ti-times more than the speed of sound?
Writing__Trash Writing__Trash 3 days ago
Okay, I love Nagisa and all, but every time I hear "Nagisa," I think of Nagisa Hazuki- and every time I think of Nagisa Hazuki, I think of Thugisa from 50% OFF.