Yandere  X  Reader (2)

Yandere X Reader (2)

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89_Nui_54 By 89_Nui_54 Updated Jan 07

You live in the remote countryside with you mother, father and loyal servant, Ryuu. Trees surrounding your house block any sight or sound of other humans. It's quiet but you deal with the solitude with your library in the house. Suddenly, your mother and father are sent out of the country for a 'business trip' and won't be coming back for six months. Now, in the huge house, your sole companion is Ryuu. That is until one day when you go out to the garden you find a dying boy. You decide to heal him back to heath at the house. Ryuu doesn't seem to like the boy, however, you are drawn to the mysterious aura about him. The boy can't remember where he came from or how he got there, only his name. Katsu.

A story about a Yandere boy x girl

Best rating: #65 in horror

66wolfy66 66wolfy66 Dec 10, 2016
But it makes no sense unless we somehow died and our soul kicked her out but we have her memories
flowersaresour flowersaresour Sep 03, 2016
I would never look at other men if I had myself a 'servant' like that 😱
I swear if Katsku doesn't kill the last reader and this reader.
Celestial_Crystal Celestial_Crystal Oct 15, 2016
Same, I'm reading it right now though. Its about girl who I assume is rich and she has a 'playmate'. I also assume that the playmate has a secret crush on her. We'll see that love unfold into a very psychopathic live story
Chibi_Gaming Chibi_Gaming Dec 28, 2016
Who else thinks that 'Guy' is what's his name who took us hostage and went all Yandere on everyone
JipsyPie JipsyPie Feb 04
Yeah, his love of his life, aka us is coming back to kill him again (?)