Yandere  X  Reader (2)

Yandere X Reader (2)

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89_Nui_54 By 89_Nui_54 Updated Oct 20, 2017

You live in the remote countryside with your mother, father and loyal servant, Ryuu. Trees surrounding your house block any sight or sound of other humans. It's quiet but you deal with the solitude with the library in the house. 
Suddenly, your mother and father are sent out of the country for a 'business trip' and won't be coming back for six months. Now, in the huge house, your sole companion is Ryuu. That is until one day when you go out to the garden you find a dying boy. You decide to heal him back to heath at the house. Ryuu doesn't seem to like the boy, however, you are drawn to the mysterious aura surrounding him. The boy can't remember where he came from or how he got there, only his name. 

A story about a Yandere boy x girl

Best rating: #46 in horror

  • horror
  • sequel
  • yandere
Bassyscat Bassyscat Dec 04, 2017
I thought it said I turned into a mushroom (or grew them like tamaki lol)
Bassyscat Bassyscat Dec 04, 2017
Ryuu is what happened
                              (Someone please tell me why even if a yandere slices my mothers throat open in front of me I still love them... the same undying love... I need help)
kittycatangel39 kittycatangel39 Nov 25, 2017
OoooH OOOooooH OOOoooooH what of this ver of reader meets up with the other ver of reader THAT WOULD BE COOL
Neko_girl_1234 Neko_girl_1234 Nov 09, 2017
All teenagers scare the livin shït outta me they could care le- okay I'll stop .-.
Imagine if the mom is you from the first book and the man she married met up with her after she killed Katsu??? And that’s why she is talking about dangerous teens??????????
Kitsune_322 Kitsune_322 Jan 06
So..we all gon’ pretend we don’t know what happened to this man?! 
                              Also, is it like a new story line or did I really steal a bike from myself