Hello, Richard: The Secret Correspondence

Hello, Richard: The Secret Correspondence

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Yes, Jawn. By yesjawn Updated Sep 09, 2016

#1 in Fan Fiction (8/9-27, 29-present/16)

Set in an alternate universe where Nicomaine becomes PA to a certain Alden Richards, the biggest thing to hit the Asian Movie World, thanks to his unexpected blockbuster drama, "Lonesome". 

Unbeknownst to everyone, Richards lives a truly lonesome life behind the wild ilusion of fame, money and prestige. His only escape is a little-known dating platform where he can hide in anonymity to truly get to know someone, anyone, to take his mind off show business. He thinks he can only trust a person to be sincere if she does not know about his celebrity status. 

He protects this secret with his life but one day, leaves his iPad on the table. The always-tidy PA accidentally sees his dating profile & username and comes up with the most dangerous idea she's ever had.