My Psycho Lover {Joker x reader}

My Psycho Lover {Joker x reader}

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Panic! at the disco By I_twentyoneoreos_I Updated Dec 27, 2016

(Y/N) Wayne is a local newspaper writer for the Gotham Times. Her boss asks her to interview the Clown prince of crime himself the 'Joker' he manipulates her into helping him escape  Arkham Asylum which she does only to get kidnapped in return. He tortures, abuses and loves her all in one go.

Will he get real feelings for (Y/N)?


Will she be his next little Toy?

Love ferraris but i have my heart set on a mint green lamborghini😆😆
Random-Fandomer Random-Fandomer Dec 02, 2016
How about a 1969 dodge charger RT
                              *Wiggles eyebrows* 69 he he (I'm so weird)
Jibbles_12 Jibbles_12 Nov 21, 2016
I actually want a purple Ferrari as my starter car but the car I want most is a purple Lamborghini
justanotherday17 justanotherday17 Sep 06, 2016
I would rip his throat out........i hate when people yell at me it pisses me off 😐
sharicemcclendon222 sharicemcclendon222 Oct 01, 2016
Heh I am am listening to heathens twenty one pilots right now😊😂
taintlangdon taintlangdon Aug 24, 2016
I feel like he's the guy to spray spit whenever he talks oh god