When We Meet Again (mxm)

When We Meet Again (mxm)

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When We Meet Again is a romantic story between two men whose paths cross again and again. We will see these men grow, succeed and fail in various stages of their lives. Throw in a child who is growing along these men and we have a typical novel à la Catherine Micqu. For those who don't know me and my writing style; I try to create strong and layered characters, with quirks and flaws. Lovable but not infallible. With a dash of drama and lots of love. 

might include a couple of more mature scenes between two males - or not. Read at your own discretion.

And now, happy reading. Comments welcome, of course :)

(The words are mine, the cover art too, the pictures though, they are not. Above, Harry Lloyd. Below, Matthew Rhys)

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LazySide LazySide Apr 26, 2017
Cause San Francisco is the city of the gays ....
                              What? It practically is.
SaucyOneCurious SaucyOneCurious Jun 27, 2017
At last started reading thus story and I'm going to continue...the beginning, it's just so emotional and like he said everything turned upside down--the changes, the loss, the gains.
idkwhereswitzilandis idkwhereswitzilandis Aug 30, 2017
OOOOooooo is there a sequel or other book that has Stellan in? And are Laura, Sam and Lenny in a relationship all together???? THIS CHAPTER IS SO GOOD ESPECIALLY WITH MUSICCCC good inspirational music tho
iamofficialjohn iamofficialjohn Apr 19, 2017
This scenario is super nerve poppin'. I swear, heads up : chicken skin.
Tartarsauce12 Tartarsauce12 Jun 16, 2017
Talk about an emotional roller coaster...and it's only the first chapter
- - Dec 22, 2017
I think it’s was, “they didn’t ask how their grandson was.” 
                              Cause Stellan is singular, i think it’s was