The Mythical hunter

The Mythical hunter

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Lucifer By luficer Updated Sep 22, 2013

Betrayal, pain, angst those were the feelings he felt, when the camp and chaos ask for help..what will he do

Unlike any chaos story


    Me:.....Justin- No Donald Trump?
                                  Me:What?! I just wanted to make a joke
                                  Me:I know its THEO
                                  Annabeth:I don't know what I saw in him....I'm so-
                                  Me:I forgot what I was going to say
    BOIIII! Don't even try! You gonna melt faster than a ice cube in the Sahara with dat burn!
    Guys. Chaos was originally female. But people kept depicting it as a male and people eventually just accepted it as a male
    Y only one day that is the most idiotic thing that I have heard
    Just because it was his son doesn't make it his fault he never directly hurt him like YOU
    Theres only one way to truly know if it was him! Was the batter blue?