Avalon's CEO Nightmare #Wattys2016

Avalon's CEO Nightmare #Wattys2016

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Gone. By Writer20161 Updated Jul 27, 2016

*Re-published from Radish*

"Miss. Haze, why, it's a pleasure to see you again." he smiled. "How has life been treating you after school?" 

I remained silent, too shocked to form any words. As soon as I tried to say something, it would die on my tongue, leaving my mouth dry. I swallowed, struggling to think of what to say to him. What do you say to the man you once bullied? The truth? No. He'll never believe me, he'll forever hate me. 

"Liam..." I whispered.

His eyes flashed, "It's Mr. Wolf." 

I cleared my throat, "O-of course, Mr. Wolf. Life has been...fine." 


"Yes, fine." 

He pursed his lips, his eyes sparkled with the hatred I knew so well. I released a shaky breath before grabbing my bag and swinging it over my shoulder. I quickly snatched up my folder as well, not wanting to stay in his office any longer. 

"I'm sorry for bothering you, Mr. Wolf." I mumbled, turning to leave.

"Your interview isn't over, Miss. Haze." he sounded.

I spun around, "Wh-what?"

He smirked, "Sit down, Miss. Haze. The fun has just begun." 


He promised her hell if he ever saw her again, but she had brushed him off. Believing she wouldn't ever see him again after high school, thinking she was safe. However, fate and luck hated her at the same time. Now, Avalon finds herself sitting before her old victim, the man she bullied when they were high school students. For four years she made his life hell and now, she knew, he would do the same to her. 

After all, Liam Wolf never broke a promise.

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I'm sorry for being that person but sprite is partnered with coke so if they don't have coke they also wouldnt have sprite. But they would have 7up
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This so nice of you, I have so far never seen a author say that, it just make me want to read this book even more. 😊😍😘👑💕👏🏾💯👌🏽
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Your so very right on the many talented writers here on Wattpad.  I love the writers on here.  God bless writers. :)
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goodluck!will be waiting for you, however im going to wait hee in wattpad,i think radish needs internet connections,n hospital connections suck😅