Falling For The Boy Next Door ~ Chasing For Love (#Wattys2017)

Falling For The Boy Next Door ~ Chasing For Love (#Wattys2017)

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"Good morning, Sadie." He says with a smirk, exaggerating my name.

"Were you acting like that to get into my mother's good books or just to get onto my nerves?"

"Now, now. You don't like that to the person who is driving you to school." 

"I could happily walk."

" And I will happily run you over with my car, but we don't get what we want Sadie." He leads me to his Mercedes Benz. For an annoying boy, he actually has a nice car.

"Like it?" He must of caught me looking at his car.

"Nice car." He starts the car and rolls out of his driveway.

" What car do you have?" He asks after having a few minutes of silence.

" I have a Volkswagen Golf but I don't like driving to school. No spaces."

"That is quite weird because all the girls give me their spaces." He says looking at me fully.

"Eyes on the road." I push his face so his eyes are on the road again.

"Why did you pick me up?" I ask Tyler. He seems like he didn't like me so why would he drive me to school.

" Mom forced me to." I understand. Tyler wouldn't beg my mom to let him drive to school. We spend a few more minutes in silence until he drives into the student parking.

"Out of my car." Tyler orders as soon as he switches of his car.

"Why should I do that?" I ask looking at him in the eyes.

"Has anyone told you that you are so infuriating?" He says looking out of the window avoiding my glare.

"You must be the first."

"I have so many things to say to you but it will be a waste of my time."


Sadie Tiller has been through a lot for an average 17 year old.

Her father passing


Her friends ditching her and calling her names.

She has no one to turn to...

... Not till Tyler Uwins steps into her life changing it

For ever

Or maybe?

(This book is made out of the author's imagination and all the characters are fictional. Hope you enjoy😘)

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