One Direction Hate Rant Book

One Direction Hate Rant Book

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Almonds By teenageprob_z Updated Nov 22

Hello my beautiful hoes. 


I only have one hoe


In this book, I'll be showing you videos of people dissing One Direction. And after which I'll be logically explaning why all their reasons either don't make sense or are invalid.


Well, you see all these books about one direction jokes but you rarely see a book defending the boys and idk I have no life.

REMEMBER this book is not only about MY opinion, but yours as well. So make sure to comment as much as you want and I'll try to respond to all of them <3

Look at Niall on that pic, I mean c'mon why would anyone want to send hate to that little snowflake
Please explain to me how when Liam supposedly "tells haters to kill themselves" that it's rude and scary, but when you make an Instagram account dedicated to insulting not only a respected band, but the fans of said band, we're supposed to take it and not be offended in any way?😐😑😐
TabbyFatCat TabbyFatCat Aug 01
*unlocks door*
                              You're beautiful
                              *whispers into ear* shine bright likea diamond
Niall is a fuçking god with the guitar. Tf?!? Lady ur blind.
Preach!! Totally she doesn't have a clue what she was talking about. People beed to analyze themselves and they're talents if any, before  they start critizing about others!
TabbyFatCat TabbyFatCat Aug 01
*puts on stupid voice* 
                              Oh my god, I've learnt something new
                              Ahahhahhahahahahahahahahaha yayyy for knowledge duuuuuuh