Delusions | A psychological thriller

Delusions | A psychological thriller

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Delusions | A psychological thriller

"I knew from the first moment I saw you that you were mine, dearest Abigale. We will see each other soon. I promise you."

Abigale Fern was once just an average girl with unaverage grades. She was a straight-A student; top of her class at San Francisco High. She wore baggy hoodies and ratty jeans, and stayed away from all boys. She had one life-long best friend, Tiffany, whom she wouldn't give up for the world.

Then, without explanation, Abigale comes home to find her mother packing up the house. Abigale's father has mysteriously disappeared, and her mother will not tell her where he'd gone. She reluctantly leaves San Francisco with her immediately. For what reason, she has no idea.

Abigale is soon thrown into a new world in which she never imagined she'd be a part of. Along with trying to find her way through a new high school, her new home in Arcata is broken into. Terrifying notes and Facebook messages addressed to her begin to surface, and Abigale realizes that she's no longer safe in the sleepy town she has unwillingly decided to call home.

Now, she's a broken girl with no friends and no family, and is a suspect in not one, but two murder investigations. The reason?

Just ask DarkHeart434.
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#21 in Mystery/Thriller on April 23rd 2017
Published on August 10th, 2016

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angelusanimi27 angelusanimi27 5 days ago
                              This hooked me in! I can't wait to see how this unfolds and just what exactly she's afraid to reveal. Did her and the assailant do something? Did he make her kill? You leave the reader with so many questions and create great tension. Great work!
Cliff Hanger ..😭 where's the next part of the story Ms.writer?
vinnu1997 vinnu1997 Jul 05
Oh my God I'm looking forward to this masterpiece of a book.... Please update it what a great start....
Iamnotill Iamnotill Jul 29
This is an amazing start! Your writing style is beautiful and you have me hooked! I love it so far x
Then he should be urging and explaining to her why she has to tell him, not scaring the crap out of her. 😡
                              If she's that scarred and traumatized she should be talking to a psychologist instead
TammiCharles TammiCharles Sep 02, 2016