Am I? (TW&TMR)

Am I? (TW&TMR)

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Toni Herbert By TeenwolfandTMR Updated Jul 11

It's been 2 years since Stiles Stilinski have been missing. No one knows where he went. Not even Scott or Sheriff Stilinski. They ended the search for him but the Pack are still looking for him.

All the characters are not made be me. 
This book might have cuss words in it.
I have one other book but it's  are on hold.
If you are a Teen Wolf fan , The Maze runner fan, or any type of fan 
of them, than I suggest you read some of the books in my Reading List and my TW list.

If you are a Nariana Fan ( niall horan and Ariana Grande ) I list of those also.
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Previously known as "Remembering"

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1976JeepCJ5 1976JeepCJ5 Jan 23, 2017
                              IN EPISODE 8 WHEN LYDIA AND SCOTT ARE TALKING AND SAY "You're going to bite Stiles?" "To get him through the rift, yeah. Humans can't get through." 
                              I SCREEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAMED