Dancetale: Our Dance Sans x Frisk

Dancetale: Our Dance Sans x Frisk

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MysticWinds By MysticWinds Updated Nov 12

His love had been taken from him, by the mysterious man. He can't help but fell like it was his fault he hadn't saved her. Now he was going to do whatever it takes to get her back.

Hey guys! This is the sequel to The Dance of Monsters, if you haven't read that you probably wont understand what's going on. I hope you enjoy.

-Winds out

Well I hope that you feel better soon, can't wait until the next part comes
"I'm my basement."
                              Damn dis Boi be thinking he's his own basement
                              You need help Todd
                              You really do
I was reading this all day I can't wait for the update (also i know i have no choice in what happens next but it would be cool if they anticipated them going to Todd's house and gave them a fake address that led into a trap)