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Kiss Me Dangerous

Kiss Me Dangerous

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˗ˏˋAtiyaˎˊ˗ By atiyamunirx Updated 2 days ago

"You were mine a long time ago sweetheart, don't make the mistake of kissing someone else again because next time I won't be as forgiving." His eyes stared viciously into my soul as he pinned me against the wall more possessively than threateningly, but then his eyes softened all of a sudden like he had just noticed the terrified look on my face as he pulled away. "You're mine Lola, don't forget that." Then he walked away leaving me shaking like always.

Freddie King was dangerous and beyond terrifying, but that didn't change when he met Lola Meyers.

Lola Meyers is from a very bad neighbourhood, she knows all about the reputation of Cullfield and the family who brought violence to the town left, right and centre, in fact she had lived through it. She had heard everything about the King family and their uncaring acts and she wanted nothing to do with them, but fate didn't seem to be on her side.

When Lola loses her much needed job at a hotel because of her ex-boyfriend she has no choice but to take the job at the pub where the King's resided, she needed the money badly and Freddie could tell. Freddie noticed everything about her from her nervousness to her assertiveness and he knew he had to have her whether she liked it or not and Lola definitely didn't like it. Freddie was the guy her mamma warned her about every night, he was the guy who would shoot his gun without a second thought and he was the guy that would destroy her. He was a car crash, unsuspecting and deadly because love couldn't sort out a man like Freddie.

stydia_asf stydia_asf May 09
Fück! Well I kind of figured I wasn't going to get a happily ever after anyway lol.
CrazyFandomTrash CrazyFandomTrash Oct 04, 2016
Even though Freddie totally betrayed me!!! 
                              I will give him a chance and check out this book because your books are amazing and I need something else to crave while I wait for part 32... #dyinginside
Joudgharaibeh Joudgharaibeh Nov 08, 2016
Actually the beast in The beauty and the beast lived happily ever after
Can't read this 
                              After reading kiss me scandalous 
                              Like I'm signing up to cry
Joudgharaibeh Joudgharaibeh Nov 08, 2016
Okay ik this is gonna put me through an emotional rollercoaster that will end up with me in tears but oh well, all the more fun right? *takes in deep breath* lets begin!
- - Jul 28, 2016
This story is really amazing! ♥♥So are your other books, no surprise there. Can't wait for the next chapter! :)