The Price of Fame (Part 2)

The Price of Fame (Part 2)

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As the success rises so does the fame, but one thing Lilly never anticipated is how all the attention she gets from the public not only effects her, but the rest of her family and friends. In a twisted turn of events, Lilly finds herself struggling to cope with the reality of her life and all it will take is for one more thing to go wrong before she completely breaks. She soon comes to realise that as successful as she is, sometimes even that isn't enough to make her happy, because her dreams can't always get her what she wants and to where she needs to be and even though she's worked extremely hard for it all; she soon discovers that fame and fortune aren't always the answers to solving her problems and that they can in fact make everything worse. So what is it exactly that Lilly is struggling with and how will she Handle it? Will her family, friends and fans support her? Or is all the fame and success she has gained over the years just going to set her up for failure and loneliness? 


This story is PART 2 of my first ever Superwoman Fanfiction THE PRICE OF FAME so if you haven't read the first part be sure to do so before reading this, otherwise this story will make zero sense to you! 

Be sure to leave your votes and comments. Feel free to tweet me on my Superwoman fan account @NatLovesLilly #ThePriceofFame 

I hope you all enjoy this story. Thanks for all your patients and support. 

<3 Nat.

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EmilyCrocetti EmilyCrocetti Oct 05, 2016
Also, can this happen in real? The livestream part. We would all explode and collapse 😩😭🙌🏻
ItsZeyzeyOnYoutube ItsZeyzeyOnYoutube Oct 07, 2016
Are you for real????  Best way to start my weekend!  I'm about to read the egg out of the next chapter.  Also why Did I get the notification later? Boombaclot phone chaa!
xxzarshxx xxzarshxx Oct 07, 2016
I love this book so far and the other one to bits, one thing though, in the book description it says "handel" instead of "handle," im sure it was a honest mistake and trust me when i mean no hate, like i said, i love this book, i am just a humble-bookworm-English-obsessed fan, apologies. ._,
R3Hijabi R3Hijabi Oct 11, 2016
OMG THAT CLIFF HANGER!!! Seriously why??? But still just wanted to say LOVE UR CHAPTER!!! 💕💕 also it would mean the world to me if u checked out my stories too!😇
EmilyCrocetti EmilyCrocetti Oct 05, 2016
If they get into a car accident I'm gonna jump off a cliff. NAT WHY.