Mr.Park | Chanbaek

Mr.Park | Chanbaek

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f r e y a By lilacjongdae Completed


In which Baekhyun befriends and falls for the handsome author down the road who appears randomly one day.

Started; 19.8.16
Ended; 15.12.16

its petty if you only get As in your life, at least i get more letters than you. pfft.  😂
ksldnvkkcjroa ksldnvkkcjroa Dec 05, 2016
If i ever move to Korea I'm gonna move everyday it's going to be a lot work but, hey free rice cake
honestly someone almost killed the whole class the other day with a bunsen burner
bbh_pcy_ily bbh_pcy_ily Dec 17, 2016
nice move... act casual... pretend the hottest guy in the universe isn't in front of you at the moment.
IlaydaParkTuan IlaydaParkTuan Nov 02, 2016
Imagine youre in korea and everytime you move in a new neighborhood youre like " yeah i'm getting rice cake for the next days'
Lmaooo the chopsticks😂😂 Wait but its dangerous 2 eat glu lol