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My Other Half

My Other Half

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•  j u e • By JueTheWitch Completed

❝ Oh my gosh, Tikki. ❞    
❝ You have no idea I much I missed you. ❞ 
Tikki and Plagg starts leading out another life as Tyler and Patrick. 
Unknown to each other's identities, they go to school, eat lunch, hangout like other teenagers do. But as Patrick reminds Tyler of Plagg and as Tyler reminds Patrick of Tikki, they start to think they might be more than friends. 
Tyler tried to stuff her emotions away in the corner of her heart and tried to focus on her duty as a Ladybug kwami . . . but the boy with emerald green eyes might just make her Plagg-sick. 
Patrick raises an eyebrow at the newbie and thinks she might be a little more than what she shows. And he just might be right . . . and he might take advantage of that.
To those poor souls who do NOT know ML, I pity for you so I'll give you a quick summary: so there are two superheroes, Ladybug and Chat noir who save Paris from the evilized enemies of Hawk Moth. Ladybug and Chat noir are sorta in disguise so they don't know each other's identity. Marinette is a girl who is Ladybug under the mask. She has an uncontrollable affection towards the famous teen model, Adrien. Adrien, in the other hand, is Chat noir himself. While he was Chat noir, he fell in love with a dazzling beautiful girl named Ladybug. So, it's a mixed up four square relationship. Oh, who's Tikki and Plagg? Being superheroes is a privilege given by mysterious, magical creatures called Kwamis. Tikki is Ladybug's Kwami, supporting Marinette. And Plagg is Chat noir's Kwami, a Camembert cheese maniac. I hope this helps you! 
It would mean the world to me if you vote and comment! Thank you so much!!
Currently undergoing edits and proofreads.

COVER CREDITS: me @JueTheWitch!
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters and credits to "Miraculous Ladybug: The Tales of Ladybug and Chat noir." Also, credits to my awesome followers!

you sang a song about cheese. and you say girls are emotional -_-
saterika saterika Sep 17, 2016
Really Plagg? REALLY?! How would you feel if I ate YOUR CHEESE?! Plagg is SO emotional.