Feelings can change (Jimin X Reader)

Feelings can change (Jimin X Reader)

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Being in love with your best friend is not the best choice,but you can't decide who you fall for. Your heart decides for you. The danger of the friendzone. The million thoughts. The struggle to sleep every night because you are thinking of HIM. What will happen if you confess? Will he change his attitude towards you? What will happen with your friendship? What happens if you get together? What are the problems that could come with it? 

Hey guys!  This is my first fanfiction and I hope you guys will like it. Sorry for any grammar mistakes,but english is not my first language and I'm still learning it. I think fanfictions are the 'impersonations' of our fantasies and hidden goals. Like meeting an idol and making him fall in love with you. Or anything that you can think of. I hope you will enjoy the story pls comment your thoughts and rate it if you like it :3 Bye! ❤
P.S.1. I didn't put a name for the female character because in this way YOU are the part of this story.
2. Sorry if the personality I put to the female character doesn't match yours. 

Cover: @_TheSleepwalker_ 
Thank you!❤

Loved the beginning waiting for the next parts !  HWAITING !
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um I kind of already read this earlier on my other account, soo don't mind me. I love this story by the way
Oh Chim Chim if ever SINGLE member is looking at you and smirking or something wouldn't you have noticed it was you Senpai?
Oblivious... I FEEL YOU, JIMIN 😂 PEOPLE ALSO SAY I AM OBLIVIOUS TO EVERYTHING, even though I think I am not .-.
reyhanarmy reyhanarmy Aug 17, 2016
Fml this is funny af! 😂 BAEEE I DONT WANT YOU TO REALIZE ❤️💔😂