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˗ˏˋk a y eˎˊ˗ By yukimurakira Updated Oct 17

|lɛ́:tʰɛː| oblivion; the river of unmindfulness through the Underworld, where all who drink from it experience complete forgetfulness.

"my soul is split into stardust,
scattered through the skies. 
i dream of supernova seas
crashing through the lights."

He was a story etched with trembling fingers over soft ivory, the scent of sweet summer rain against the backdrop of an illustrious dream.

She was a painting of fragile strokes made ethereal on a canvas of spiral galaxies and nebulae, intricately connected through atoms in space.

Love is gasoline, and they were both matches.

do not copy this work © kaye cee • 2016

book 5 of the young gods series

ErikaIriss ErikaIriss Sep 15
This is so good all the descriptions put me into the situation. It's a scary world and from this chapter I guess it might be darker than your other books. I was very happy to read about Cassie in here, so the stories will be connected. I can't wait to find out more :)
MusicalFire MusicalFire Oct 29
Why does this remind me of Twilight
                              Oh yeah
                              BECAUSE 99% OF TWILIGHT OS MADE UP OF STARES
It says book 5 but there is no other books on your page is this book 1 or...?
hartgurl729 hartgurl729 Sep 28
but i feel like this is not gonna have a happy ending. *cries* :'(