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Mystreet X Reader

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Daughter of Iris🌈 By xXDemiWitchXx Completed

~1st Book in the Aaron's Sister series~

Just Gonna have some fun writing a fan fic!

I don't own any of these characters, they are all Aphmau's.

                              Dark blue with light blue highlights
                              Royal blue
                              Long(down to the ankles)
                              Light blue
                              Twilight eclipse
                              Coca cola
I thought Kawaii~Chan should be calling me "Callianne~Chan" at first but oh well
Person: I'm so antisocial!
                              Me: you have no idea how many social skills you have compared to me
                              Lilac purple
                              Up to waist
                              Galaxy Colors
                              Crimson Red + Black 
                              FNAF: Silver Eyes
                              Scott Cawthon and another author that I forgot her name... (sorry)
                              Mountain Dew
This is very realistic cause my older brother is like Aaron 😂
I am playful in real life but I don't have a 2 story house.......yet and I was socks too!!!!