These Battle Scars Don't Look Like They're Fading (Dan X Reader)

These Battle Scars Don't Look Like They're Fading (Dan X Reader)

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Danosaurus__Rex By Danosaurus__Rex Updated Oct 25, 2016

Your best friend impatient tugged on your arm as you tried to tie up your shoelaces on your black converses.

"Could you wait a second?" You giggled as she pulled more frantically on your arm, making it impossible for you to do your shoelaces.

"No, you need to hurry up!" she exclaimed with a massive smile plastered across her face.

"Why?" You asked smiling, finally managing to tie up your shoelaces where (b/f/n) had let go of your arm to get her phone out.

"Someone could catch all the rare Pokemon in London if we don't hurry," she explained, pushing the blue loading screen of Pokemon Go in your face.

"Seriously, (b/f/n), you're such a child," you said standing up and rolling your eyes. You made eye contact with your best friend and you were both broke down into fits of laughter which left you breathless. You then pulled your phone from your pocket and loaded up Pokemon Go still chuckling a little. 

Having seen that you were ready, (b/f/n) threw a hat at you which was a replica of ...

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I would have said "Well, you're certainly not on fire now" 😂
sketchedhowell sketchedhowell Jul 22, 2016
BxthanyS BxthanyS Jul 30, 2016
All of my favourite people in real life haven't died of the Flare or been shot in the head or goodness knows what
platinum-angels platinum-angels Jan 17, 2017
Like a fanfiction
                              Us: Stop breaking the fourth wall, author chan!
                              Author chan: lol nope
BxthanyS BxthanyS Jul 30, 2016
At this point it would be great to have a crossbow in my backpack