Attack on Titan x reader

Attack on Titan x reader

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Writer By SenapiWriterChan Updated Dec 06, 2016

First AOT story don't hate I'm a bit out of date with a few thing I apologize for that!

Charcaters you will end up with at the end ((your choice of course because you opinion matters!))

Armin ((and you put your arm out X3))
Krysta? ((I'm watching series again don't worry))

Request anyone who's alive I haven't mentioned

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SenapiWriterChan SenapiWriterChan Jul 28, 2016
Hope you all enjoyed that chapter I'll update when I wake up till then!
Animes_Meian-ho Animes_Meian-ho Jul 27, 2016
Please continue I love your story and it's really nice to read something different most of the attack on titan books is the reader in the same cadet class as Eren and things like that but you did this different so I'm giving you credit
It's 2:25 and I just randomly said to me sisters (we're all awake still BTW), "don't you just hate it when someone steals your bucket?" I could feel their inside WTF faces😂