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Stalked and Kidnapped By The SidePack ~ My Idols ~ ❌

Stalked and Kidnapped By The SidePack ~ My Idols ~ ❌

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Calysia [ARMY][PACK] By CallyGamer123 Updated Feb 01

Teagan Lachy was born a gamer. Her life was great at home, parents loved her and she had no siblings. She had amazing friends, and her life was amazing.

She had always wanted to meet The Pack, the Sidemen and she always wanted to hug Vikk.

She had watched The Pack and The Sidemen since she found out about YouTube. She loved YouTube.... It was practically her LIFE!

That was until in a curtain group find her and start to follow her, learning everything and anything about her while she didn't even know it.


"Guys! We need a mate to share, right? Let's just get one!" A certain Aussie had some dirty plans... That included some dirty thoughts...


One unlucky night, Teagan was outside on her front porch. The group of men were walking around and saw her, quickly hiding. Teagan was looking at me moon mumbling to herself.

"When am I ever gonna meet them?" She finished her hot chocolate and walked inside. The group of men saw a light flicker on and a laugh after around 3 minutes. "Lachlan, THAT WAY! Why!" She laughed again.

Everyone looked at Lachlan. "You think she knows us?" Lachlan looked uncertain but shrugged. "Maybe..."

They creeped up to the window and saw on her phone screen she had a picture of the Pack and the Sidemen. She unlocked her phone and got on Twitter.

Lachlan and the guys had tweeted earlier they were walking around at night. They quickly hid when she rushed over to the window and looked outside. She looked down sadly and closed the window. "She knows us! How are we gonna get her?" Vikk was thinking of a way to get her when he had an idea. "Stalk and kidnap her!" They looked at him. "Perfect!" Preston and Rob said at the same time. Everyone nodded their head and sorted a schedule.



This involves Kidnapping and Stalking...

If you aren't a fan of either, DON'T, I repeat, DON'T read this book!
Swearing involved.
Sexual scenes MAY be in it... Depending if people want it
All copyrights reserved!

I'm sorry but I can't get over the fact that when Vikk suggested to stalk and kidnap her Preston and Rob says perfect like it's a normal thing to do😂😭I need help..
Xsinfully_aDORKableX Xsinfully_aDORKableX Jul 24, 2016
 #1: I wanna hug Vikk too your not alone  #2: can I make a OC...... If so put the form in this comment
Meandmydivergence Meandmydivergence Jul 27, 2016
Are you from some parts of Asia? Bcoz I wear school uniforms too!
Meandmydivergence Meandmydivergence Jul 27, 2016
@CalysiaGamer123 if we want to submit an OC do we message or just put it in the comments?
JellyFingers JellyFingers Jul 27, 2016
@CalysiaGamer123 Please make me part of this.
                              You know everything. Just make me smart and your older brother who is looking for you