『Various x Reader』

『Various x Reader』

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Shadow By TheShadowSky Updated Apr 03

This is a Various x Reader book. As you can tell by the title. So you can request some x readers. Something like that.

If I don't know the character you are requesting, then please help me out. I don't know much anime series (Idek why). If you request a Creepypasta character, I'm cool with that. If I have bad grammar, have a lot of mistakes, and low vocabulary, Im awfully sorry. But I do hope to improve. 

Also this book contains a lot of cussing, sexual actions, depression, self harm, ETC. if you don't like those stuff, I suggest you leave or skip that part of the book.

And I do not own the characters or you, except for my OCs (My ocs shouldn't be in there in the first place). If you come here to Hate on this book, leave. I don't want the nonsense here.

And if you bring that stupid,"CREEPYPASTA IS SUPPOSE TO BE CREEPY AND SCARY. NOT LOVER AND KAWAII DESU SHIT! YOURE RUINING THE FANDOM." All I have to say is, It's your damn opinion and your perspective on how you see creepypasta. 

*THIS BOOK IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Or getting fixed or some shit*

                              SO HOT IN HERE
                              SO TAKE OFF ALL UR CLOTHES
KatyGHTG KatyGHTG Jul 25
Heh, mah mom is over protective with me. I know the way to school but she didnt even let me go to the Church that is like, you get out of the house and go to the left till you get there :-:
Mr-TrustFundKid Mr-TrustFundKid Dec 21, 2016
Wait, so, like, what is happening? Is Haru both in the "real world" and in the anime?
msmaddylion msmaddylion Oct 12, 2016
Um, dude let's just start a the 'I love you' part first THEN will talk later about what comes AFTER.
JoSam2889 JoSam2889 Feb 21
That me, I dont really like talking to people except if they talk to me first
Sakura_Akary Sakura_Akary Nov 25, 2016
For everyone who is bullied: The very first step is to tell your family or your teachers what's happening. Don't try to go over it. You don't have to go through that, you are worthy, unique and special.