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The Pirate King's Queen [ Luffy love story] [ One Piece fanfic]

The Pirate King's Queen [ Luffy love story] [ One Piece fanfic]

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Monkey D. Hime By Hime_chan10 Updated Jan 18

Ai didn't have a normal childhood. 

Ai was taken from her village and force to become a slave for a noblemen. She was only 10 years old when her master gave her the Mizu Mizu No Mi Fruit which gives the user the ability to control water. Even though Devil Fruit users loses the ability to swim, Ai gets to keep hers. Her master wanted Ai to cause destruction to other kingdoms and make him the most powerful noblemen in the world. She didn't agree to the plan but instead killed her master and ran away becoming a wanted fugitive.

Luffy was playing with his brothers Ace and Sabo when he stumbles upon Ai at the beach unconscious. The brothers took Ai to their hideout where she awakens and nearly killed them if it weren't for Ace to stop her water attacks with his flames. The trio soon becomes a four when Ai joins the boy's gang. Ai never felt loved before and pledged herself to become stronger and protect her boys with her life. 

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- Started on July 21, 2016

WhiteJack123 WhiteJack123 Jul 22, 2016