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Love Me For 100 Days

Love Me For 100 Days

29.1K Reads 1.6K Votes 19 Part Story
Neve Adams By NeveAdams Updated Jan 25

Kaia has never dated in her whole life, and she never planned to. However, her Aunt becomes drawn to the idea that Kaia will only be happy if she dates. That's when her Aunt pays the school bad boy to seduce Kaia into dating her for one hundred days so she'd feel loved. 
  *may contain swearing*

fallndaisies fallndaisies Nov 27, 2016
This is so good!!! You're most definitely not out of touch :)
Salpal27_ReadingKing Salpal27_ReadingKing Oct 13, 2016
No I don't mind it, I actually like that way. Since I'm Canadian that probably helps lol
MissPepsi MissPepsi Nov 01, 2016
where i live every school has uniform, i didn't know some schools didn't?
cass_mass_ cass_mass_ Jan 01
I love Kaia's confidence , she reminds me so much of myself. Good writing too 😉
NeLLyShAy NeLLyShAy Aug 13, 2016
Very excited! Your stories are usually always good and it really sounds good. You're a fantastic writer!
Pixel_Purfect368 Pixel_Purfect368 Nov 28, 2016
I guess its the canadian in me, but my brain immediately thought of Rick Mercer...