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Neve Adams By NeveAdams Updated Feb 25

Kaia is annoying but is popular. Cade is unpopular but a troublemaker. Both... very undateable. Kaia has never dated in her whole life, and she never planned to. Cade accepts a challenge to seduce the undateable Kaia into dating him for one hundred days. The challenge is... can they stay dating? 

Formerly titled 'Love Me for 100 Days'

*contains swearing*

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- - May 16, 2017
Who's the girl in the cover, if you don't mind me asking? She resembles Chloe Moretz a lot to me.
-secretlyfangirling -secretlyfangirling Jul 07, 2017
im weak. while most normal family members don't want their niece dating as she could get her heartbroken her aunt is paying someone to pretend to love her and break her heart at the end. 😂😂
sum1bemyfriendpls sum1bemyfriendpls Sep 27, 2017
Mum... OH THANK THE LORD AND HEAVENS ABOVE ! Sorry...just been looking for a story that's set in an Aussie or English persons P.O.V
Salpal27_ReadingKing Salpal27_ReadingKing Oct 13, 2016
No I don't mind it, I actually like that way. Since I'm Canadian that probably helps lol
NeLLyShAy NeLLyShAy Aug 13, 2016
Very excited! Your stories are usually always good and it really sounds good. You're a fantastic writer!
xxBlackMeadowxx xxBlackMeadowxx Aug 10, 2016
This sounds so good! I can't wait to read it. And I am looking forward to the part where she grows into a person she wants to be. Feels like an inspiring type book like TBL! So I know it will be good!