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Mind Cleanse 💸 By ExtraordinaryNutella Completed

{Highest ranking ~ #15 in Teen Fiction} (9/28/2016)
An impulse control disorder with the consequence of an irresistible urge to steal.

"I'm a kleptomaniac, baby " He smirked,  the cockiness dripping off his voice.

"Huh, I'm surprised you even know what that means." I crossed my arms.

"Sure I do, it's an addiction. I couldn't resist stealing your heart, right?" All I wanted to do was wipe the smug look that was planted on his face.

"Please, you didn't steal my heart." I rolled my eyes.

"Maybe not tonight, but soon. Trust me." Carter told me in a hushed voice before backing away as if he didn't just try to seduce me.
Natalia Kingston: A girl with thoughts and had the mouth to let them out. Sassy and headstrong, ready to tell someone off when needed. The high school junior always had her head on straight and always knew what she wanted.

Now, take Carter Daniels.

Her brother's best friend.

Egotistical and definitely presumptuous. He was a daredevil that knew what he wanted, too...
There was no telling what he was going to do, and there was never a dull moment when being around the spontaneous, happy go lucky bad boy.

Now, what happens when she suddenly becomes his main interest and her brother doesn't know it?


Lil_Rj Lil_Rj Sep 10
                              My boyfriend is so lighter than me, when we hold hands all I see is cookie and creams lmaaaaooo.  I love him
Vicki247365 Vicki247365 Aug 25
Already fuxking love this book! #makechocolatebabies 😻😻👶😂
Browncurly Browncurly Jul 18
Why are people so against interracial couples cause I just stumble to an interracial couple on ig there were so many mean comments
LuckShines23 LuckShines23 6 days ago
I don't see why people don't like interracial relationship. It's not about the race. It's about peace. It doesn't matter if you are a white guy with a black woman, or more. Keep having the swirl life.
bffl29834 bffl29834 Nov 25, 2016
😂😂💀 I can picture his ass falling, Trina' look cool
NeverEndingSirens NeverEndingSirens Nov 18, 2016
Your writing is magnificent. I love it all ! I'm already in love with your book