Beautiful Badass

Beautiful Badass

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*Slowly editing*

Sapphire Jones, or as the kids at her high school, Northridge High, would like to call her, the bad girl. She talks back to all her teachers, she smokes, she does what she wants, and she's very beautiful. But she's also abused. Her father, a very successful and rich businessman, not only physically abuses her, but also verbally. Her mom died two years ago, when Sapphire was sixteen and that's when the abuse started. Now Sapphire has to wait out her senior year until she gets her trust fund and can leave forever. 

Blake Harrison, captain of the football team, super hot guy every girl wants, and of course dating the popular slut of the school. His parents are one of the most successful business owners and are very rich. He drives the newest most expensive cars and has the best clothes. With his killer muscles, championship football team, and popular girlfriend, he dominates the school. 

But what happens when the outcast bad girl and popular football player get paired together on an assignment? 

Will they become very close? 

Or will they hate each other? 

What happens when secrets are revealed? 

Find out in Beautiful Badass.  

•Warning• this story has strong language that young readers may not like. This story also deals with abuse and self harm. If you do not wish to read that either skip over those part or words, or don't read this story. Thank you.


Cover by @_nxghtmare_


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You guys wanna see someone hot.... SEARCH UP TONI MAHFUD AND YOU CAN THANK ME LATER
catnoo12 catnoo12 Jan 08
I used to think 5’1 was really short and wondered how anyone could be that small. That was until I realised I’m 5 foot. Boy did that realisation smack me
So He called you a (ugly disoriented blue berry  looking finger puppet) that was so rude 😂
Mah god thts tall but mi little ciz is 10 and he 6ft already soo
NoBluGri_ NoBluGri_ 2 days ago
Wait so you've been called a 'dragon snorting fire from its ass twerking in lingerie'? In sorry I had to. 😂
I_Miss_My_Bed I_Miss_My_Bed 6 days ago
Boy. It's like... a giraffes neck and part of its body. (I'm stupid, do I'm probably wrong but damn, he's tall)