Mafiatale: Unlawful Love Sans x Reader

Mafiatale: Unlawful Love Sans x Reader

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You were a girl who had been threw many hardships. You had lost your family at a young age and watched then die in front of you. For most of your life you were alone. Many gangs wanted you on their team for your cunningness and strength, though you had other plans... That is until a smart talking skeleton came along.

Hey guys! My new book for Mafiatale is out. This is NOT the sequel to my dancetale book. Oh and disclaimer I most likely do not own the art and I do not own most of the characters. Hope you enjoy!

-winds out

"patting her face"
                              So I legit got my hand and patted her face?
tricky-neko tricky-neko Aug 26
Poison ivy. Poison ivy? Poison ivy! How here is a Harley Quinn and poison ivy fan!
NivaGaming NivaGaming Jun 16
Oma XD I am literally wearing a bandanna on my wrist right now XDDDD
Papy: *glares threateningly*
                              Sans: *suddenly holding spice* Whats wrong, my dear brother paprika?
                              Papy: Thats not even paprika its curry! I swear if you make one more pun i WILL hurt you.
                              Sans: Well then, I better curry up and run!
                              Papy: *triggered*
Idiot-17 Idiot-17 Jun 04
All I can imagain is Frisk in a hat and a jacket with her arms out of the holes running
I really loved this story overall. It took my favorite AU, and made it even better. You get my seal of approval MysticWinds!