The Real Me (Chat Noir x Reader)

The Real Me (Chat Noir x Reader)

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Tsukia~Akemi By DJ_Starz Updated Aug 10

You grew up in Paris France and have been born with an astonishing talent for singing.

This talent lead to you being a singing sensation in France.

You have also grown up, knowing that you are the hero of France.

Your name is Snowstorm.

But this all changes when some new heroes appear, and you have to work with them.

But you seem to be taking a liking to one of these heroes...

Disclaimer: All rights (except for you and your Kwami) go to Thomas Astruc, creator of Miraculous Ladybug.

Cover made by EmoTigerLovesYou

                              Did you know that Adrien could possibly be going to our school and I am so excited because he might be going coming to our and I just said that and
                              Your welcome :)
My Mexican dad would've been like, "GLORIA!! BRING THE HOLY WATER!!"
Sunny_Grim Sunny_Grim Aug 17
No put those jazz hands away young lady we don't do that in this family
Woah woaH woah hold the give the phone to me...
                              Yes. Hello? I'm gonna have a large pepero-
My name is Melissa Lopez. Favorite color is Pink.
                              Second favorite color is Blue.
                              My hair color is Brown and Blonde.