The Real Me (Chat Noir x Reader) [UNDER MAJOR EDITING]

The Real Me (Chat Noir x Reader) [UNDER MAJOR EDITING]

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Tsukia~Akemi By TsukiaAkemi Updated Feb 04

You grew up in Paris France and have been born with an astonishing talent for singing.

This talent lead to you being a singing sensation in France.

You have also grown up, knowing that you are the hero of France.

Your name is Snowstorm.

But this all changes when some new heroes appear, and you have to work with them.

But you seem to be taking a liking to one of these heroes...

Disclaimer: All rights (except for you and your Kwami) go to Thomas Astruc, creator of Miraculous Ladybug.

Cover made by EmoTigerLovesYou

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"Mari gurl, get that outta meh face unless you want it ripped to shreds!"
                              "*imitates ripping noise*"
Me: I can't sing in my opinion, but my friends say otherwise.
                              My Friends: STOP SAYING THAT YOU CAN'T SING!!
                              Me: I SOUND LIKE A DYING CAT!!!
                              My friends: NO YOU DON'T!!!
Sorry if u though I was being sarcastic I swear I wasn't trying to
Mizunami9 Mizunami9 Jan 24
Me when someone asks me about Hamilton, Voltron, memes,(GUNS AND) ships and many other things. I just keep rambling NON STOP!
Ugh that's how my cousin felt when I finally said that one of the Bts members is cute