Assassin Mate

Assassin Mate

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red_rose_352 By red_rose_352 Updated Mar 08

Samantha 'Sam' Raven Black is a secret assassin, the best in the business, who kills bad guys. Sam is part of an agency filled with supernatural assassins. 

One day, while Sam and her best friend, also an assassin, Chris, were walking in a forrest near their temporary house, they stumbled across the moonlight packs territory and got thrown into their underground jail cells until the alpha could question them. 
But what happens when both Chris and Sam find their mates in the pack they were captured by? 
Read and go with Chris and Sam through their wild journey of life!

~warning: there is some strong language used in the beginning of the book~

~I don't update very often and when I do, I sort of just write whatever comes to my mind at the time so there isn't really much of a story plot that I follow anymore. Just a warning you if you think that will bother you. I usually skim through the last chapter I wrote and go off of that, so if I forget anything, you guys will have to bother me in the comments about it.

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Super_Elementriss Super_Elementriss Aug 19, 2017
Wow she's so lucky to be with her friends for as long SHE lives...that's a second chance in a relationship I could never give up on if was offered..
j45747 j45747 Sep 30, 2016
I like how Your smart in the way you filled us in on her background story quickly and didn't use to much time writing it
rachelncrump rachelncrump Aug 07, 2016
Whoa this is really interesting!
                              Would you mind taking a second and reading over my story?