My Little Cat Boy||Yoonmin|| {Complete}

My Little Cat Boy||Yoonmin|| {Complete}

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(∩૦ઁロ૦ઁ)⊃━☆゚.*🐍 By Jhope_snakeu Completed

Park Jimin, a cute innocent young boy being sold for sex. Everybody wanted to win Jimin as their sex slave because he was very different......he was a cat boy.

Min Yoongi, a very rich business man who wants to win Jimin...and that's just what he gets, he bids the most money and wins Jimin as his very own sex slave.

||WARNING||this story contains:|boyxboy|Yoai|kinks|crossdressing|mature content|cursing/swearing|pregnancy|read at your own risk!!

Yuki852 Yuki852 6 days ago
People over here saying 'daddy' and I'm over here saying suga?
GeekyNeko GeekyNeko Nov 27, 2016
So you telling me he rich...
                              But he can't afford a mansion...
yoonminet yoonminet Dec 22, 2016
this is my first time reading that rich guy lives in a simple two story
GeekyNeko GeekyNeko Nov 27, 2016
This legit reminds me of a jdrama where this detective boy needed to wear a dress to go undercover at a maid cafe
Mochichim Mochichim Jan 10
It would've been nice if they had the actual Maid Jimin Picture here
yongaesthetic yongaesthetic 3 days ago
We need to make jimin called him oppa on a live awards ceremony