Miraculous Vampires ~ MariChat

Miraculous Vampires ~ MariChat

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🍂 allyyy 🍂 By Chocopaws Completed

A little secret has spread around Paris that nobody can tell to human blooded people. They're real vampires in Paris. And Adrien is one of them. Ladybug is not, even though she knows about it due to her mother and father being one of them. 

The rule is, if your a vampire, you must bite human blooded people in order to consider your true love towards them. Adrien already knows his mate, but he's afraid Ladybug will be scared. On the other hand, Marinette doesn't know if Adrien is a vampire or not. 

The real question is, will they ever come closer in their relationship? Or will the bond be broken for eternity? Read to find out! 

Cover Art: Ceejurs

Completed Offically: December 7th, 2016.

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I kinda want a book like Twilight. Like an AU where Nino is Jacob, Adrien is Edward, and Marinette is Bella. I DON'T KNOW IF IT EXISTS BUT I WANT IT
And I am not a fan of miraculous only septiplier and Steven universe
Wow this is the first  I read a book that wasn't vampire septiplier this good I love it !
Ginerva29 Ginerva29 Nov 03, 2016
Did you know that original vampire was Sava Savanovic he is a man from country where word vampire originates. My country. True story. Vamps aren't Romanian, they are Serbian
ShortBirb ShortBirb Aug 30, 2016
Oh damn, but I really don't see his father being there, as he is very busy and barely cares about Adrien.
UltimateSpiderGwen UltimateSpiderGwen Oct 25, 2016
Vampires don't show up in pictures. They can't see there reflection.