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I'm Sorry ~SVTFOE Fanfict~

I'm Sorry ~SVTFOE Fanfict~

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starbutterflylife By starbutterflylife Completed

Star Butterfly has been having terrible frights at night. 

She's been having nightmares every night. Each time getting worse. 

She slowly becomes depressed and scared. 

Marco gets really worried about her and tries to help, but she refuses each time and gets more darker and darker each night. 

But a certain someone is controlling her and turning her evil. 

Star notices this and tries to stay away from everyone, including Marco, trying not to use her evil on her love ones. 

But she is taken over and becomes evil. 
The certain someone uses Star to kill Marco. 

What will happen to Star and Marco? What will happen in the end? 

Find out in, 
I'm sorry ( Starco fanfict)

Godisreal1213 Godisreal1213 a day ago
I have too many mental illnesses to name( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
When life give u lemon, go ahead read dem.. XD
                              (Sorry, not sorry)
Why do I feel that's a reference to SpongeBob?
                              "I thought of something funnier then 24" 
                              "Let me hear it..." 
All of sudden, I feel like it's the aurhor.. I don't know why? 
                              Or someone..
                              By the this is a good book!!
PikachuGurl07 PikachuGurl07 5 days ago
After Marco left the room, I would've started laughing uncontrollably.
TinyPotato738 TinyPotato738 5 days ago
One  time in math class, I wasnt paying attention and my teacher said, "Do you know the answer?" And I was like, "Um, 35?" And I was right!