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Richard West By richardknightwalker Updated Apr 15

Taking your life is the ultimate taboo in the Christian and Catholic religions. By doing this, you condemn your soul to the pits of hell. Where you will burn for eternity. Although this proves to be true, there is still a glimmer of hope for some of these doomed souls. Some will have a chance to escape their cruel fate and be reborn again. 
 Sadly, to gain such a privilege, they must participate in a tournament in which they will face a series of insane challenges. The participants of the game, will have to deal with demons, fight other contestants, or even encounter the reason why they killed themselves in the first place. Their wits and the item they used to end their life with. Will be their only weapons in this twisted nightmare.
 Which of these condemned souls will turn out victorious from the games? Or will they all burn in hell for their unforgivable sins or will they lose their sanity? 
  (Warning: Strong language is used)

It's hard to say. I guess I would join, but I have a terrible feeling I wouldn't survive.
WeirdBoredGirl22 WeirdBoredGirl22 15 hours ago
I would go and fight because I wanna ask god so many things like why girls must suffer with there periods and pregnancy
Spiritlaw Spiritlaw Apr 06
Well, I'd naturally enter the Suicide Games... After telling my Guardian Angel that I love them. >3>
It'll be 7 years since I lost my adopted dad. My birth dad I'm having to talk to in secret because my adopted mom ( who biologically is my grandma.) absolutely hates him.
brookies258 brookies258 4 days ago
First I would say yes
                              Then go find Katniss Everdeen and kantmiss evergreen
There's really only one option that you could take, enter the games. However, who is to say that the games are the only lead towards freedom? What if your punishment has an end line and you are reborn just by repentment? Love the story by the way, keep up the great work, I followed you.