Demon's Love (Moonbin x Reader) [COMPLETED]

Demon's Love (Moonbin x Reader) [COMPLETED]

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Jung Sewoon By 1-800-FANGIRLS Completed


A demon and a human falling in love? 

What an embarrassment!

Y/N was the princess of the underworld. Her father thought it would have been a good idea to send her to the over world, so here she was. She was born and grew up with a young boy named Park Jinwoo for the past 19 years. She had met many of his friends but this one made her crazy and fall in love. His name was Moonbin. 

There were many things preventing their love. So will their love survive or will it shrivel up and die?

Shoot! He just had to come in like the cliché character he is. Damn..I'm scared
You can do that? 
                              Please can I make request of Kpop idols you should take for being too irresistible
girl get your period pads tampons or whatever and lets have a one on one girl talk while eating cheetohs
Go fall in love with someone your Level. Are there no male demons in hell?
What? This will be my reaction if I am ever JINWOO:
                              X_X . yeah I'm going to faint and never wake up again. If my sis ever becomes a DEMON, I'm going to go live in Church!
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Oh god I came on a wrong time. 666 views? Well my life is just unlucky...