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/on hold/

Phil Lester loves art. He draws, he paints, he sees colours everywhere and in everyone. For him, all people are represented by one colour based on their personality. If he doesn't know the person well, the colour comes by what they look like.

Dan Howell loves music. He has played the piano since he was seven, encouraged by his mother. The black and white keys are always in his mind, and it seems to be how he sees the world; as black and white.

Phil Lester has always figured which colour represents which person, even if it would be the same colour for many people. He sees Dan Howell as brown by his look. But soon he notices how colourful this boy actually is.

一based on a song blue by troye sivan feat. alex hope.


Lmao I actually almost gagged while reading this. I really hate sports.
Same but i'm not lonely because humans are selfish, greedy, & cruel creatures so i'd rather be by myself
I relate to PJ rn because i'm the quiet one in every group & nobody even notices if I start or stop talking
"notice me"
                              "try talking to him but can't"
                              "watch him in a distance"
                              Yandere Lester
When I was reading the description I realized that I relate to Phil in this book because when I think of a person I think of a color that reminds me of that person
jiminmepls jiminmepls Mar 19
stoP i wAsnt prEpaRed fOr thE cuRly auStraLian feTus' beAutiFul lyRiCs