Alpha's Dirty Little Secret Presents: The Unborn

Alpha's Dirty Little Secret Presents: The Unborn

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HEARTless By Ridiculous_ Updated Jul 26, 2018


"No." I cut him off.

He stalked into my direction; his inner monster noticeably struggling not to surface and drag me home against my will.

I backed away. Stumbling and stepping over roots until I was stopped by a tree.

Disappointment and displeasure of my actions left the tension between us unbreakable.

"Why do you keep disobeying me?" He frowned. His tone was always superior. If I was anyone else he would dominate over me, directing me to do as he pleased and I would be forced to obey.

Sadly for him, I was not anyone else. Not only did the blood of an Alpha line run through me, but my heart beat helped generate and grow his unborn child.

"Why won't you fuck me?" He looked at me; his eyes cosmic from the sudden and also blunt question...

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