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 I Will Always Be There For You (Travis X Reader)

I Will Always Be There For You (Travis X Reader)

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SociallyAwkwardJuvia By ooh_noo Completed


"Ok, guys! Good job!" Aaron said, giving everyone a high five. "Ok, so introducing?" I said, sitting on my couch. "Sure, I'll start first. I'm Aphmau, I am optimistic and I love people. I also love anime, the colour purple, Aaron and I have a dog!" Aphmau said, smiling brightly.  "Oh, and do you guys wanna have a seat?" I said, realizing they're all standing. They all got seated and we started introducing ourselves again. "Oh, wait. Me, I have to introduce myself too!" I said. "Ahem, so I am Y/N, Aaron's younger sister. I love the colour F/C and I like dogs!"

The characters in this story don't belong to me other than Krystal, Olivia and Y/N. Credit for the other characters go to Aphmau. Hopefully you enjoy my little story!

Status: HALP MEHH!!! (Author~Chan has writers block and she doesn't know what to write)

Well since we look nothing alike I'll say we are half siblings. Dad cheated on mom.
Casey_Chan123 Casey_Chan123 2 days ago
                              Dirty blonde
                              Purple and blue
                              Very long
Yay! The game that made me be soccially akward and bot talk to "normal people"
Why "miss'' when I can be 
                              Oni~chan=Little sis
                              ONE-chan=Big Sis
Socialise?!?! What does THAT mean? I only speak 
                              Potato,Internet and Socially Awkward
Blue and Wolves 
                              Bcauase dogs and wolfves are both kinda the same?