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haleystuart2 By haleystuart2 Updated Jun 07

Growing up we're taught subconsiously certain things don't always go together. Night and Day, Dark and Light, black and white. Things that stood out just didn't belong with things that fit in. Things that were normal didn't need to be corrupted by things outside of the norm. If you looked different, you were shunned. If you acted different, you were ignored. If you talked different, well that was enough cause to disassociate you from the group entirely. 
But people fail to realize without one you can't have the other. They coexist with each other, never mixing, but existing. That's how my life was. Just to be. Exist. Never mix. Never mingle. 
But all that changed. The day he showed up in my life. I should have run. I should have listened to the warnings in my head, but the fact that he was...different, made me stay. He stood out.. Like a sore thumb. He was completely different than what I was used to. He was danger, and mystery wrapped up in a package. He wasn't one of those men born with a silver spoon in his mouth and his own pedigree. He was the exact opossite. He was a misfit. And I loved him for it.

danella188 danella188 Mar 15
I hope these problems will be fixed so many people are getting hurt because of it! I mean come on people! We are all humans and we should all be treated the same!!
I would say racist people don't have souls, but the truth is they're are idiots, it's racist murders that don't have souls
sabzoo sabzoo Feb 26
people who aren't for interracial couples make me genuinely uncomfortable af and are weird as f*ck
agathaaar agathaaar Dec 20, 2016
I know that 'pulling out" does not guarantee that conception will not occur. I feel they will need children to help heal and show what good parents they can be. Just suggesting.
baby236 baby236 Nov 25, 2016
I love already without even starting to read the book. We need more people like u
artmyra artmyra Jul 22, 2016
Indeed your a beautiful writer and I hope that this writing can shed light to those to end hate and see different races as a beautiful thing. Excellent work;)