Scream Text Me Into Falling For You  (Malec Au)

Scream Text Me Into Falling For You (Malec Au)

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lightwoodcharm By lightwoodcharm Updated Dec 14, 2016

Modern Malec AU. Alec finds a phone number written down on one of his favorite books in the campus library,  he decides to find out the identity behind the misterious number.  
Texting fic.

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I will lay down my life if it sets us free, eventually, you’ll see my ascendancy. And I am not throwing away my shot
Ace was so close! If you re arrange the letters and add an L
Maggie honey you can't be mysterious if you can't spell mystery.
Dancerline Dancerline Jun 07
All I can think of is that gopher that yells "Alan!" over an over again
Wtf... I will pray for the child's soul that is named artichoke
makalaJade makalaJade Dec 04
Mags you need to calm your tits. I know you want him to choke on something but ChiLL